A confession....

I've decided to come clean with my secret life.....from 8-5, I have a day job....a day job i love and frankly think I'm pretty good at. Photography came into my life on a sleigh from Santa and my world has not been the same....well not really from Santa more like a check written out to me for some photography work. I thought at the time....wow this is cool....I can make some side cash...sweet! Then it took off - beyond what I thought possible. I sometimes have to pinch myself... could this be? Am I really doing what I want.... ? Have I found the job that's not a job.... where sleep is an annoying necessity? Yes... I have and boy does it feel good! Oh... back to the day job... sorry got lost in my thoughts. I will do both... the day job provides my family a stability that is necessary in this economy. I like what I do... and I have faith that I will succeed in both with a little bit of efficiency and a lot of focus with a dose of fun.

Why come clean? I don't know... I think it's important to relay a message that it is possible to do both. You can have the responsible day job while pursuing a dream.....why choose?

Speaking of efficiency.... I love - LOVE my IPAD. I downloaded this app called Pulse - essentially an RSS feed but more visually appealing. This is how I stay on top of my favorite blogs without being glued to the computer. I also typed in this blog post using the notepad while dinner was cooking.... emailed it to myself... and while my girl was taking her bath... loaded it up and added this picture. Yep...efficiency... is a top three of my 2011 resolutions.

Time to read some books... and snuggle with my favorite 5-year-old.

Happy Monday!