A game of frogger {sweet tangelos}

As I try to cross from one aisle to another... I feel like I'm part of a huge game of frogger and the carts are the cars while I am the little ole frog trying to get to the cold section of Costco. I wait... and wait... and then take an opportunity to dodge carts here and there, look to my right and see what looks like carts going 50mph... and crash... a traffic jam - over YOGURT! Full size yogurts being handed out as samples. I feel the stares... my cart stuck in the middle while the very kind folks in front of me decide to park their booties for FULL size yogurt samples....s*!! Ugh... I do not like shopping at Costco. But when I get home and eat what very well could be the best tasting tangelos - I say to myself... this ole frog can play another game.

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