A piece of humble pie....

Last month I decided to treat myself and bought a few trinkets at the Photojojo store. They were on backorder on an item and I got a bit impatient… and emailed them inquiring about the item. I didn’t get a response… and emailed again. The email I rec’d from Billy humbled me immediately as I realized that they did respond (more than once) and the email ended up in my junk folder. Billy’s response was probably one of the best ‘customer response’ email I had ever received – I wanted to share it here….

Hey Denise!

Yikes! So sorry for the slow response! We are just swamped with holiday emails and doing our darnedest to catch up as quick as we can!

GOOD NEWS! Your order (NDP-EOYLM) shipped out yesterday (Wednesday) and is currently zipping its way through the US postal system on its way to your welcoming home. YAY! Soon a friendly USPS letter carrier will deliver a bundle of photo goodness to your doorstep.

I'm really sorry you didn't get the info sooner. Not having information on payments and packages can be the worst. We did send out an order confirmation on December 9th with the details and a shipping confirmation on the 15th, but sometimes these emails can get snagged by junk mail filters so it might be worth double-checking yours if you can. We sent them to lifeiscandid@gmail.com (in case that helps).

I must say, you ordered some pretty rad stuff! I actually own the Seat Belt Strap myself (it's so unique and looks pretty stylish, I got it for an old Polaroid camera I love) and a friend of mine has the USB drive, which, frankly, is really adorable. :) Good choices.

I hope that info helps! If you can't find the confirmation emails, no worries. Just let me know and I can forward them to you for safe keeping. :)

(also, again, SOOOO sorry for the slow response. Sorry x100. That's a LOT of sorries!) :)

-- Billy Reindeer Wrangler and Photojojo Customer Support

 So, note to self – CHECK THE JUNK MAIL FOLDER. And note to you all…. Check out their online store – they’ve got some neat stuff!! I absolutely love all my goodies!


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