About the Boy

This month is Autism Awareness month and in an effort to bring awareness I am working with Charlie of Stories of Autism to share the unique stories these families share. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been welcomed into their homes and this week, I will share their stories.

About the Boy

Kale is our miracle, the sole survivor of a triplet pregnancy. He was born at barely 27 weeks, weighing in at just 1 pound, 12 ounces and measuring 12” long.

As he neared 2 years old, he began slipping away. Loss of eye contact and language, along with “quirks” like spinning tires on his trike or toys, and lining up cars and other items in neat, straight lines. He was diagnosed as mildly to moderately autistic during his 2-year checkup.

We quickly ramped-up an intensive, in-home ABA therapy program. Later, he was enrolled in an early intervention program offered by our school district. We made PECs, asked his therapists how to work with him on our own and dove into our new roles: autism mommies.

When he was three, nearly four-years old, we introduced biomedical treatments and the gluten-free, casein-free diet. And that’s when Kale turned a corner.

Today, he is in mainstream second grade. He is not cured by any means, nor do I think there is a cure. Nor do I think we want one. He loves all dinosaurs, Ben 10, monster trucks and Hot Wheels. He loves exploring with his dogs, riding his bike and reading.

Kale is amazing and beautiful. Loving, sweet and kind. Well-mannered and respectful. He is our miracle.

--Desiree & Jesika, Mommies to Kale

Please take a moment and click on http://www.storiesofautism.com/#/home-1/