Best Friends

I have two best friends from school, one from 7th grade and the other from 9th grade.

I love them both so much and would do anything for them.

After all, they have seen me without make-up and have a stock full of horrid embarrassing stories.

Oh… and how they lived through my first heart break and are still there for me is a miracle.

They have also seen me at my happiest and have been there to share these moments with me.

As I watch Kaili grow up and treasure the friendships she has had since preschool and kindergarten

my wish is, that she too, will have the same bond I have with my friends.

So when she asked me if she could have a photo shoot with her best friends,

a light bulb went off and I thought how cool would that be??

To document the start of every year? And how much cooler would it be to offer it YOU?

adorable photos

back to schoolback to school

To see her this goofy and laugh this hard is something I can't produce.

She is her true authentic self in these photos and it's going to be amazing to capture these moments for her.

Carlsbad Back to School Special

I usually offer Back 2 School sessions in August and thought it would be awesome to add BFF to the mix. If you decide on both session, a discount of $50 will be applied.


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