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Marriage looks good on you, my friend...

I’ve known her for nearly twenty years… we’ve documented our birthday goals, created vision boards, listened to each others heartbreaks, and cheered each others happiness. We’ve shared the single parent stresses, the love of photography, and most importantly a deep rooted friendship I feel very fortunate to have made.

I am thrilled beyond words that she has found the love of her life and I am honored to have been there to capture it.

Trains... well, maybe | Old Poway Park

We met up at Old Poway Park early early in the morning to avoid the rush. We had the park nearly all to ourselves!! I was on cloud 9 until I saw him absolutely crushed that there wasn't a single train running that early in the morning. Somehow, someway we still managed to get this little one to show his charm.

Note to self: when booking a session at a train station for a little boy who absolutely loves trains, make sure the train is running.