Elliot, prince of kaleidoscopes


The Ultimate Expression of Human Freedom

 Our family surrounds itself with like-minded people who strive to love unconditionally, cherish, and celebrate Elliot for who he is. That makes all the difference in our lives. Below is an excerpt from a poem written to Elliot from his friend Chet who wished to honor Elliot as the ultimate expression of human freedom:

 …I went out into the world we try so hard to get you to see.

And saw that your world is better.

In this world there are slaves

and we kill each other for money

and we've made weapons that could murder us all.

Your world doesn't have bullets

Your world doesn't have hate

Your world doesn't need forced labor to get to the diamonds.

Your world is better.

Elliot, prince of kaleidoscopes,

little shaman of the vortex,

you don't need this world.

But this world needs you.

Love, Chet

~Rick and Laura (parents to Elliot) **please visit their blog at: willworkfordog.com