Fondant {playdoh for grown-ups}

I have spent many nights watching the Food Network - especially the cake competitions! I watched in awe how they rolled out the Fondant to create these amazing masterpieces and pray it didn't fall to pieces as they moved the cake to the table. I would literally hold my breath.... and let out a sigh of relief when the cake was safely placed on the table for the judges. Fondant... wow, how cool is that I would say to myself. Never thinking I would or could ever get my hands on that baby. In comes a shopping trip to Michaels.... looking for glycerin (more on that in another post).... I see Fondant, on sale...  really?! Could we? Should we??? I look at Kai... wanna bake a cake? We buy two mini round pans, white Fondant, heart cookie cutters and ... spray paint for cake (YEAH! I know!).

I split the Fondant in two... Kai and I each have our own cake to decorate... I look up every now and then to watch her... she watches me. We sit in silence, totally focused on our "amazing masterpieces". I am in Fondant heaven...

Now...mind you, these are by no means masterpieces for the judges on the Food Network but definitely masterpieces in our household.