Happy Hour Friday {Cocktail: "Only YOU Can Make S%#@ Happen!"}

One night (undoubtedly really late into the night) I was surfing on the Internet - Googling anything photography and I ran across this article by Nick Onken "Only YOU Can Make S%#@ Happen!". As I read it - I smile and nod in agreement, totally relating to what he was saying, relieved that I was not the only person in the world that felt that way, excited to Make S%#@ Happen - fully rejuvenated and ready to rock this world, ready to develop my style, my business - ready to breathe life into Life is Candid! Here's a snip-it from his blog:

"Another key to making things happen is to surround yourself with the people that are motivated hustlers. The people that inspire you to be a better person, to be better at what you do, how you approach life. Your support system is key, but this in itself is a conscious decision to surround yourself with these people, and on the flip side, what are you doing to inspire others to want to hang out with you? I think attitude is a key factor. People like to spend time with other people that inspire, and encourage. Some have different styles of being more vocal, or just being inspiring by what they do. In fact, to me the act of "Doing" inspires the hell out of me. A big reason for my move to New York. My level of influence of people doing amazing things, hustling, and succeeding has upped significantly. Something that this city has in it's DNA. I'm a firm believer in moving the things and people in your life that bring you down, drain you, hold you back, etc. out of your life, or to a minimum. I believe in helping others and giving back as much as possible as well. Only you know when you're being the influencer or being influenced though. Take the victim role and you'll never get anywhere in life."

There are many photographers who truly inspire me but the ones who impress me are the ones who respond to an email, a comment, a question, photographers who remember they were newbies at some point and are willing to share a dose of their knowledge - to them I say Thank you and because of them I will always share my knowledge.

Happy Friday!