Happy Hour Friday {Fashion!)

Today’s Cocktail: Fashion! I’ve been up in the clouds the past two weeks buried in work and trying very hard to figure out a way to bring the hours of my post-production way down. I’ve borrowed a tablet to play with this weekend and I’m hoping this helps……so that is my excuse for neglecting my Happy Hour Fridays. :)

Let the party begin….

When I started out (and mind you I’m still learning) I drooled over other photographer’s blogs… websites… trying to make my photos have the same color treatment… trying to have the same composition. I spent a lot (A LOT) of time asking people what do you think?? Not trusting my own instincts, my own ‘artistic’ vision. Then I read on numerous photographers blogs… advising not to look at other photographers’ blogs and to look for inspiration in fashion magazines, movies, catalogs, etc. I immediately signed up with H&M, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Fossil, Urban Outfitters, etc… I started buying Elle & Vogue Magazines (the shot of Joe and Brianna below was inspired by the recent photo shoot of Julia Roberts promoting Eat, Pray, Love). I also decorated one wall in my office of the photos that inspired me – all in one weekend. So after exhausting myself and waiting patiently for the clothing catalogs to arrive… I found this little gem….


You can get lost on her blog… she has behind the scenes videos… tips on Portfolio… and I think she’s cool. Her photos are amazing! Her advice is real! The behind the scenes are to die for!

And a bonus little gem that I got lost in last night….