Hello Max... we've been waiting for you.

When I moved to San Diego over 10 years ago... I was extremely blessed to have crossed paths with an Aunt from Guam whom I hadn't seen since she was a little girl - Fran. We lived a few blocks from one another and she became a significant part of my life and especially of Branden's (my oldest son). Her nurturing soul made her an instant favorite among all kids who visited. She and her husband Mike's family... helped me raise my boy with Chamorro culture and mannerisms.... which I am forever grateful. She was always... and I mean always there when I needed someone to help me with my son... and ten years later... with my daughter. So as you can imagine when I heard the news she was carrying her first baby.... I jumped for joy and knew this kid would be instantly loved by her and all those around her.... and I have appointed myself his personal photographer :) Hello Max... welcome to best family in town!