HH Friday! {Virtual Gifts}

I fell into a slump the past few weeks… overwhelmed with how fast time is flying by and the endless to do lists! Edit wedding photos….edit portrait sessions…. prepare for preschool portraits…. figure out how to set up a studio…. confront my fear of pocket wizards…. holiday portraits…. holiday cards…..Etsy….order pieces….portfolio….. it goes on and on. Some days I just want to cry and some days I just jump in and focus…. but most days, I just want to cry…. mainly attributed to lack of sleep. I’ve started prioritizing…. Focusing on one item at a time (gone are the days of multi-tasking)… I’ve outsourced my printing to Pictage which has been amazing so far. A huge GIGANTIC load has been lifted… (Do you know they offer FREE album design?!!!) I’ve finally learned to batch edit through Lightroom… I’ve fallen in love with RSS feeds and can catch up with all my blogs within Outlook 2010 but the most important of all I’ve carved out days of the week for “sleeping”. Yes… ridiculous as it sounds… Tues/ Thursdays are my days off the computer. I catch up with my DVR and fall into a deep sleep. Last night… I fell asleep at 8pm! I feel it coming back… my adrenaline… my energy… me.

My virtual gift to you:

RSS Feeds (cannot live without) http://www.pictage.com/ (love them!) http://julescafe.com/ (their also on Facebook) Loads of good tips and resources! http://craftandvision.com/ (found this gem through Jules café) Ebooks for $5 and so very informative http://www.pixelatedimage.com/blog/ (found this through craft and vision) Just bought his Ebook, "Vision is Better" that I am loving so far.