You may recognize the little kiddos in these photos from previous blog posts. They are my neighbors and our weekend regulars. We have been planning this event for months and I can’t believe we are here. She will be reunited with her husband and her kids, her sweet kids will have their daddy… home. It is after 10:30pm when the first group arrives… and as I write this I get goosebumps reliving what took place in front of my eyes. I witness family members running into the arms of their Marines – with tears… not just regular tears... but the downright sobbing type of tears. I see this community around me who are the wives, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and friends of these men who fight for our country. My heart is heavy and I am so very grateful for all that they do.

Then she sees him… her daddy. She has a smile so big as she hugs him and holds him tight and as I snap away, I feel it, the love being projected towards this moment…. this sweet, sweet moment.