Let there be green!

I'm venturing into new territory.... where there is a lot of green things, especially on my plate. Trying new veggies... new fruits... expanding my palate. I'm doing it for me.... and also for her. She watches me. She eats what I eat. She is my shadow. She is five and soaking in all that is around her. She seasons the veggies (her favorite part!) and then rearranges them (to make a pattern, a big thing in kinder). I roast it and have it for dinner... not forcing her or even offering any to her. She reaches to my plate and inquires about the necessity of the veggies. She asks as she picks up an asparagus, "Will this make you stronger?" I answer, "yes". She looks at it... and then takes a bite and announces quite proudly, "Mommy, I like asparagus!!"