Mateo has arrived ♥

I have known Joelle for almost 15 years and over the years, our paths will cross every now and then. At each intersection, we chat away as if no time has passed. I love that about us. So when I heard the news of this little guy coming into the world - I was beyond {{beyond}} excited. Joelle has such a huge heart and is the kindest human being you will ever meet and this little guy just hit the jackpot of Mom's. As we hang out during our session, my memory is instantly flooded of the times my kids were new to this world. The newness of it all. The exhausted look of complete bliss and overwhelming love one little person can bring out of you. The tiny feet, the tiny fingers, the little button nose...Mateo, welcome into our world.

Here is a peek into our session...

undefinedundefined Congratulations Joelle!