Oh the possibilities

Today marks the first day of my gym’s “60-day Stick to the Program Nutritional Challenge”. I’ve been waiting for this day. I have watched with my own eyes the changes made to my fellow gym mates body composition. I am seeing the changes in my own body composition, especially my endurance level. For the first time, I know it is attainable to be in the best shape I have ever been in and finally get rid of the love handles that I have on multiple occasions blamed on pregnancy - but truthfully, it was really the late night Oreo cookies and milk. Today we did a baseline workout, here are my stats:

My eating habits will certainly be challenged. My love for chocolate will be put to the test. Rice – oh how I will miss you. Logging in every meal and snack will be – interesting. Every now and then I’ll post my progress and the new meals I’ll be cooking up.

Mango slices :) yum! Don't worry there is no sugar added and I enjoyed it in moderation.

 My schedule for August. I just realized I scheduled sleep... 60-days from now…. oh the possibilities!