On being six...

She has proclaimed being six as the threshold for many new things.....

"Since I'm older, you know six, Daddy should allow me to wear make-up" Uh, NO. I quickly tell her.

"Now that I'm older, I can scrub my hair gooder", I say... "gooder", she says, "yes, gooder". Glad we cleared that up.

"Since I"m older, can I eat the whole bag of M&M's?"

at Toys r Us: "Mommy, I don't want to shop in the little kid section, where's the big kid section" I say, we are in the big kid section... she says... "No, I want to buy make-up like big kids, where's that section" I said... "I didn't realize you needed to go to Macy's, we are at a Toy Store"

I remind her to brush her teeth.. she asks why... I remind her that she needs to brush away the "cavity monster" she says... "Mommy, I'm older now, my teeth is suppose to fall out"



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