As my daughter enters Kindergarten, there is a bitter sweet ending to a comfortable place called Preschool. The preschool she goes to is amazing, the people are sincere, genuine, funny, nurturing, loving and the caretakers of my daughter the past three years. I am so grateful and feel blessed to have found this little gem.

As a Thank You to Ms. Anne - here is a surprise session I did with her daughters. Well just a peek....more to come tomorrow!


Anne -

There is a funny story attached to this late night (currently 1:15am) sneak peek  - I'll share it with you when I see you :)

Thank you for all that you've done - Thank you for being very supportive and the talks - oh the talks - I think we're due for a drink! :) You went beyond the "job description" and extended your heart and your compassion - for this I will be forever grateful. You have such a wonderful staff and I will most definitely miss all of you.

XOXO - Denise