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Jack | Stories of Autism

“You live so you may learn to love.You love so you may learn to live. No other lesson is required of man.”

-The Book of Mirdad

This is Jack, our wonderful three year old son. Never a dull moment goes by with this youngin’. He recently made up a new activity called  “let’s see how long I can fight sleep.” Jack is a very loving little boy who will give hugs and cuddles for days. He looks for new adventures all the time and enjoys playing outside and exploring. Jack likes to wind down with a good episode of The Simpsons and frequently listens to Cat Stevens to put him in a relaxed mood.

Every day is a new adventure with Jack and our family takes it day by day. Looking at the world through Jack’s eyes has made us better parents and human beings and we are blessed to have Jack in our lives.

Elias and Jess (Jack’s ma and pa)


Stories of AutismStories of AutismStories of AutismStories of AutismStories of AutismStories of AutismStories of AutismStories of AutismStories of AutismStories of Autism

It is Autism awareness month.

Autism currently affects 1 in 50 kids.


Then & Now

In late 2009, I decided to take a leap and start a photography business. In three years, a ton has happened and I grew... so much so that I swear I was entering my 5th year! Thank goodness because I have a five year goal and I wasn't quite there yet! But... that is another topic. I approached my daughter's preschool director and asked sheepishly if I could please photograph her and her teachers families to build my portfolio. Luckily for me, she said yes! I took photos of six families with my trusty little Canon Rebel and prayed, prayed, prayed that I could pull this off.

Fast forward to 2012 accompanied with my Nikon D3 and an establised business, I had the honor of photographing them again.

carlsbad family photographer

hosp grove carlsbad

carlsbad family photographer

A Bit of Twinkle

I moved to North County about 8 years ago and rarely venture into downtown San Diego. So when we scheduled our session at the Pedestrian bridge located near Petco Park, I was super excited! SOOOO stoked for the new location. But if anyone knows me... even with the GPS fired up.... I STILL managed to get lost! Eventually the bridge and I came face to face and all was forgiven. We met up for our mother/daughter/sister session with a cameo from Grandpa and had such a good time. Ladies you are gorgeous! and Grandpa... that twinkle in your eye tells me you are one proud man.

Here is just a peek into our day.