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What an impact a photo can make...

For the past few years, I've been photographing kids with Autism for the Stories of Autism project. Each year, it seems to come at a time when my life is chaotic and my schedule is jammed pack. Each year, I think, maybe I'll skip it this year. And then I remember...

You know, it is easy as a parent of kids with autism to have pictures in your head of all the hard times. It's hard to lose those visuals... the tantrums, the pain, self-injurious behaviors.... you name it. All these pics you have given me... even the ones of just ME... slowly but surely have replaced most of those old files in my head. Including the image of myself as the chronically sleep-deprived, barely showered exhausted mom. Now when I think about me or "my life" I actually see YOUR pictures. And they are SO beautiful. How cool is that??? I just wanted to share to show you how much you've impacted my world! -mother of two boys with autism

Little does she know, she and her boys have impacted my world. The simple gesture of a "high five" or a soft touch on the back to let me know, "I'm in" melts me. Simply melts me. So yes, I've signed up for another year and I couldn't be happier.


I was introduced to three kids and their amazing parents. I decided we should meet up at the beach and the day couldn't be more perfect. After a few snaps, they were given the  green light to play in the ocean. And play they did.

Meet the lovely Paige.

lifeiscandid_001kids with autism photographer

Meet sweet sweet Trevor and Caden, the cool kid.




kids with autism photographer

Did you know?

1 in 68 children are affected by Autism.



Life is...

Balance. I always seem to reach for some sort of magical center point. Some point in the middle where I can stop for a second to breathe. Since we moved into our new place, our schedules have been jammed pack between sessions, girl scouts, high school reunion, and oh yeah... unpacking.


Then this little book came in. I ordered it two weeks ago somewhere between play dates and all the chaos. This book is filled with some of my favorite iPhone photos of our simple life together. As Kaili looked through the book, she recounted every single memory... I was impressed.

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I realized this crazy busy life of ours is our Balance. I have found my magical center point.