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When we have the beach to ourselves... magic happens

Wow! I haven't posted anything since April! Where has the year gone?! It's been such a great year so far filled with so many recurring and new clients.

I have been photographing this family since their oldest was a mere few weeks old and I am so blessed to watch their family grow.

Here is a peek into our session from earlier this year.

Onto Beach Photography
Then & Now

In late 2009, I decided to take a leap and start a photography business. In three years, a ton has happened and I grew... so much so that I swear I was entering my 5th year! Thank goodness because I have a five year goal and I wasn't quite there yet! But... that is another topic. I approached my daughter's preschool director and asked sheepishly if I could please photograph her and her teachers families to build my portfolio. Luckily for me, she said yes! I took photos of six families with my trusty little Canon Rebel and prayed, prayed, prayed that I could pull this off.

Fast forward to 2012 accompanied with my Nikon D3 and an establised business, I had the honor of photographing them again.

carlsbad family photographer

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carlsbad family photographer