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When we have the beach to ourselves... magic happens

Wow! I haven't posted anything since April! Where has the year gone?! It's been such a great year so far filled with so many recurring and new clients.

I have been photographing this family since their oldest was a mere few weeks old and I am so blessed to watch their family grow.

Here is a peek into our session from earlier this year.

Onto Beach Photography
13/365: Sunset

A few weeks ago, Kaili and I went to the beach to hang out and watch the sunset (which seems to be her favorite thing to do these days). Unfortunately this beach was undergoing some major construction… so our plan to catch the sunset was abruptly halted. While we were standing there watching what they were doing – I took this photo with my iPhone using a tiny telephoto lens that I got for Christmas. This photo was completely processed with iPhone/IPAD apps – I have about 8 different ones I use depending on what mood I’m trying to portray. I believe this one was processed using Dynamic Light and Pro Camera…. and possibly another app.

My Facebook friends have already seen this photo since I posted it the same day I took it. BUT for the sake of contributing to my ‘365/ photo a day project’ I wanted it posted here.