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A Family Affair

This was the first wedding I shot for a family member… this wedding was for my sister’s daughter, Kaysha (and Zack). There was no way I could have anticipated how emotional I would be… I knew of course there would be some tears but the ridiculous tears… the ugly sobbing tears are something that caught me by surprise. Needless to say, I’m having trouble editing the photos… I want them perfect, the story must be the way I felt it at that moment, I’m critiquing every little detail, I’m second guessing my ‘top’ choices and literally exhausting myself… so be patient, I’m getting to them even if I have to sob my way through the entire process... In the meantime, here are the sneak peeks I posted on Facebook. We have some friends and family who are not on Facebook and are anxious to see some photos.

This next series...


I met up with this family a few days ago to take some snapshots of their new addition.... the lighting in the room was just right and of course this little one was the perfect candidate for a test shot.... and a little bit of Cheerios certainly helped! :) Here is a sneak peek!

Meet her baby sister She was singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider..."

She just loves her little sister 

Eventually, we wore her out! But not before she gave her mama a little smile