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Her Prince

Meet this little guy who entered this world last month who has been ordained the Prince by his big sister we like to call, Your Highness, or rather she asked us to call her Your Highness. If this post was about her, I'd go and on about how excited I am to hear all her commentaries and observations of the world around her. For now, we will focus on her little brother whom she absolutely loves and adores, after all, he is her Prince. Here are his photos.

newborn picture

I find little humans absolutely fascinating. The little ears, baby fine hair, little feet, and oh, the tiny fingers.

baby image

Love is that micro-moment of warmth and connection that you share with another living being. — Barbara Fredrickson

Siblings. A friend for life.

sibling love

brother and sisterwelcome to the world

See you in three months little guy.