Terrible moments

If the day has been a tough one for Kai… she comes home with an overabundance of emotional chaos and says “I’ve had a terrible day!” She then proceeds to tell me all the events that caused her to have such a terrible day. I listen and answer… you had some terrible moments? She pauses… and tries to argue the difference between a terrible day and terrible moments. She thinks she’s won the argument – but I’m more stubborn than her. I want to teach her to find the great moments in each day and not focus on the terrible moments. Wednesday night I was laying on the couch… thinking of the past couple of days and the chaotic mess of it all. Overanalyzing every detail… wanting to crawl into bed and have a big girl meltdown. I was feeling pretty disappointed in myself. Kaili looks at me and says… did you have terrible moments today?

I think she gets it now….

This week was a tough one. I learned my limits in photography… the hard way. I learned I don’t really like to photograph everything… and I don’t have to accept every gig that comes my way – just because it pays. Turning down a paying gig will be tough... but I have to be true to myself and to my client.

Because a post is better with a picture…