The Girls in My Life

Two girls - very different and very alike

One is sixteen and one is seven

BOTH like Justin Bieber


The sixteen year old is my step-daughter and I instantly loved this little girl when I met her 8 years ago. I remind her (on occasion) how I wooed her with my make-up.... and then my cooking. She denies it all :).

In my home, after I have taken photos of her - she typically is standing/sitting/hovering over me picking out the pictures that are ok to work on or ok to tag. I don't usually get a choice... and I usually get approval before anything gets posted - except for now. Not going to lie...  I'm a little worried I'm going to get a text tomorrow telling asking me to take them down. But come'on.... aren't these great shots?! This is her right now... this second... a bit of sassiness and the darn smooches that teenage girls make these days.


As I was working on other kid portraits - she says to me, it's time for MY photoshoot. I try to contain my excitement and remain a professional for fear she may change her mind and ask when would she like to have this photoshoot. She said this weekend. We went to the lagoon, she picked her spots, she gave me her beautiful smile ---- and then says don't forget you have to PAY ME for this session. I looked at her and laugh... how much? She says three dollars.... DEAL!