Why hello... D3!

He hands me his Nikon D3 with lenses I can only salivate over.... it's a solid camera.... a camera I want to own someday and then I play and take some candids... I love-LOVE the results... (of my candids). dun...dun...dun.... (ok I suck at emphasizing dramatic sound clips - but hopefully you get it)

Here it comes.... the scheduling.... of the family shoot....it rains....I feel a sense of relief.... I look around, everyone is getting ready... the butterflies begin.


Meet my Auntie R, Uncle G and their beautiful girls. We hadn't seen in each other in over 10 years but have regularly kept in contact via phone.... she makes me laugh -all.the.time. especially during a vicious, competitive, loud, exhausting game of spoons. :)

Meet my Uncle Manny, Aunt Nancy and their gorgeous girls. He's the one I call with random questions about photography.... the D3 is his.... therefore he's just a tad bit cooler in my eyes. He's an amazing mentor and I am so grateful for all his encouragement.

As for this family shoot.... all previous tactics, knowledge, technical skills went completely out the window. I had the D3 in my hands.... my Uncle/Mentor ready for some family photographs.... and my palms... well... it wasn't pretty.

A quick studio setup right in the livingroom :)

What a session! Thank goodness for Spongebob! He dried up those tears real fast :)