You are loved

~ When Evan looks into your eyes it feels as if he’s peering into your soul.  Without a single word Evan can crisply communicate “You are loved”, “I appreciate you”, or “Thank you SO much for understanding me!”  His penetrating eye contact, when he chooses to make it, is so purposeful and so powerful you can’t help but be deeply moved by his innocent, angelic spirit.

~  Evan has the uncanny knack of inspiring you to be a better person.    He sets the bar by his own example of relentless determination to overcome obstacles.  On a daily basis he deals with severe apraxia, major motor planning issues, years of painful gastrointestinal problems despite the best medical doctor helping to treat them, and an inability to express his wants and needs with ease.  Most of us would crumble with even one fourth of those challenges, but not Evan.  He’s an easy-going, “downstream” kind of kid who just continues to try, try, try and who forgives & forgets like none other.  As a result of his character he has challenged everyone who’s ever worked with him to dig deeper trying to help him.   But besides inspiring therapists & teachers to become better at what they do, he has without question made his dad and me better parents.   We are nothing if it weren’t for him and the blessing he is in our lives.

~ Our favorite quote by Richard Buckminster Fuller reminds me most of Evan ~ “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”   We have endless belief in Evan’s potential.  Considering at age 7.5 he just began speaking, is now nearly potty trained, & he’s become an amazing swimmer ~ he’s just now beginning to emerge from his safe little cocoon.   All things are possible, especially with determination!

~Dawnmarie & Brian (parents to Evan)

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