Trains... well, maybe | Old Poway Park

We met up at Old Poway Park early early in the morning to avoid the rush. We had the park nearly all to ourselves!! I was on cloud 9 until I saw him absolutely crushed that there wasn't a single train running that early in the morning. Somehow, someway we still managed to get this little one to show his charm.

Note to self: when booking a session at a train station for a little boy who absolutely loves trains, make sure the train is running.


Getting daddy to sing...

I walked in and she wasn't quite sure about me. She clung on to her dad and buried her face in his chest, not wanting anything to do with this session. Then... we brought out the song book and we got her dad to sing. I'm not sure if I made any brownie points with him but I certainly did with her. And her little brother, look at that smile! He was charming me before I even said hello.

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