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My style & approach


As your photographer, I will work with you to achieve your vision. Photo shoots can be held at a nearby beach, in your home, or nearly any location where you feel a connection. I’m up for an adventure.

I also specialize in capturing those in-between moments, the candid moments. Over the years, I have discovered that the most magical, even breathtaking images come from letting things flow and giving people, especially kids, the space to open up and just be themselves. 

As a mom of four, and a tiny bit obsessed with taking their photos, I’ve found that this approach shows off their very unique personalities at a particular time in their journey. 

When we meet up for the first time, your child may or may not warm up to me right away. That’s just how kids are, so don’t worry – we’ll get there. I’ve found that the secret is to relax and give them time, not directions to smile or look at the camera. It happens faster if we simply let them do it on their own. 

And if they’re moody or bouncing off the walls throughout the whole shoot, that’s okay. It’s who they are right now and in the moment. We certainly celebrate that, too. 

I look forward to collaborating with you.



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Family Session $400

45-60 minute lifestyle session

~30 professionally edited images delivered electronically.


Just the Kids $300

30 minute session (up to four kids)

~10 professionally edited images delivered electronically.


Grow with Me $1600

Milestones: Newborn // 3mo // 6mo // 9mo //12mo

45-60 minute lifestyle session with baby and the whole family

~25 professionally edited images of each session delivered electronically

Collection of 4x6 prints