How do you see your life around you? Have you just stopped for a moment and captured all the little details? Or do you point your camera and pray for a smile? Do you see your life in 3D or in nostalgic film?

I see my life in nostalgic film. I am, by nature, a very emotional human being. The little things that people do out of kindness stays with me forever. I look at details and do my best to remember why or how that came about. This day, like many, we were hanging out in her room talking about school and her friends. She received a journal and told me the things she would write in it. I told her the many journals I kept and still have.  We talked and talked for what seemed like hours. These moments when we are at our best, I want to remember.

So go out there and take note of the details. Capture the nail polish on her hands, the details of her room, her notebooks, and anything else that’s important to your kid at this moment in time.

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“One should not only photograph things for what they are but for what else they are.” – Minor White

First impressions are said to last a lifetime. This little one definitely has made an impression. He is adorable and cute and just absolutely melts my heart.








I met this family a few months ago and to date we have had five sessions together. I love that she wanted to capture every moment they were celebrating and love it even more that she is printing albums to cherish these memories. I will post more on her sessions in the coming weeks. For now, I wanted to give you a little mid-week daddy and son love.







Your heart is melting, isn’t it?